== General info==

Extreme_D, (Prevousily known as: Extreme_Drift), An aboveultimate Hydra Blast player, also an FSX Player (known as: CptExtreme) and Team Fortress 2 playe. in SA:MP Server he played mainly in 3 groups,starting with Armed Assault(ARMA) , [MG]Sons_Of_Libertiy and Luftwaffe.

And now he is settling in a non-merc group, GTAStunting

He is also a picture editor and a movie/graphics editor.


Extreme_D usually prefers to play Naval war minigame and Merc. , He is also a stunter(mostly aerial stunts), some of his videos can be found (Here) , and when hes not busy making kewl stuff he works on designing hydra skins and SA:MP Maps


Extreme_D is active on AU Forums but not a very active player in Hydra Blast server due to loss of his data, his HDD crashed and lost over 410GB of important data(videos,mods,future projects, downloads, softwares, etc.) Currently he is working on his Third hydra stunting solo and the final one.


Thank youz for reading :)Edit