BlackOps is a Hydra Blast Merc group, led by [SAS]FireWarrior101, and the Vice Leader [SAS]BlackM. The part-time leader of the BlackOps is [US]NabzZz. BlackOps was one of the best group of its time. It made such accomplishments in 1 week, that needs months to do. The Downfall of BlackOps started when an unknown hacker hacked the account of [SAS]FireWarrior101 and disbanded the group. The group was made again but did not made such accomplishments as much as it made before.The current members of BlackOps are [SAS]FireWarrior101, [SAS]BlackM, [US]NabzZz, [US]Yousef_Shot, [US]Shit_happens796, [US]Kratos, [US]Sergeant_Sky and __Extreme__.

Article made by:- [US]NabzZz

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